The Brain of Digital Marketing



Unique in its Standalone Approach

The ADEX DMP is the brain of digital marketing. It is a self-hosted data technology solution for managing, activating, analysing and collecting user data from various online and offline channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing.

Data Collection

We collect data from every possible source – from desktop and mobile to HBBTV… Therefore we use different options to track predefined attributes that can vary from standard information such as demographics or psychographics to customized characteristics.

Data Processing

Segmentation is the core element when it comes to data processing. Therefore we do offer the whole range from base operators like “and/ or” to recency & frequency at segment level to constraint conditions and other complex settings.

Data Activation

We have existing integrations for all possible relevant players in the market. Just to name a few: Active Agent, Adition,Adform, AppNexus, Google Stack, Mediamath, SmartAdServer, The TradeDesk, Platform 161, etc.

Multi-Client Capability

An important feature that allows you to control every sub client individually if needed with dedicated reading and/ or writing access, sub client specific segment building or globally under your master instance available audiences – you decide.

Data Sharing

Data sharing is possible on every level if desired. Therefore each instance can be handled as an autonomous instance without contact to others, can be shared with other The ADEX clients or can even be monetised via external platforms.

Real-time Segmentation

Dedicated real-time segments based on request attributes will be assigned to a segment within real-time and tagged in the DSP. At the same time the realtime API will be updated in the batch as well as in the real-time mode to guarantee the latest information possible.

Audience Extension

Our feature offers more than look-a-like, act-a-like and twinning – it can find relevant signals in your own universe beyond current standards. Audience Extension is a great tool for digital companies to increase their marketing performance!

Contextual Keyword Targeting

Text search and targeting are not limited to page attributes and aggregated summarization when using our own crawler for continuous full text scan & word weighting to get enhanced topics, interests and keyword targeting about a portfolio.

The Technology

We report all possible datapoints and offer a dedicated filtering in our graphical user interface within real-time and via real-time API data access for the most dynamic and user-centric experience to manage your data for evaluation.

Data Protection

We are 100% GDPR compliant and we fulfil applicable IAB industry guidelines. Furthermore we ensure a wide range of control mechanisms and – measures such as access & transfer control, order control, separation requirement etc.

Data Security

We do not use any cloud services – instead we rely on an autonomous, carrier neutral datacentre in Germany. In addition we are ISO 27001 certified, which means we provide protection against unauthorised access based on 24/7 monitoring.


Not do we stop at TV. As a new, additional data source, we now include the so-called “Hybrid Broadcasting Broadband TV” in the collection, processing and activation within our data management platform to guarantee an exceptional evaluation.

Cross Device

The modern user experience takes place on several devices such as desktop, mobile devices and even TV. Therefore we have expanded our tracking and evaluation to offer the most holistic approach in the interpretation of a customer journey and beyond.