The introduction of the GDPR last year caused a lot of unrest in the market and uncertainty about how the implementation of the legal requirements will affect data, especially the use of 3rd party data, was omnipresent. Contrary to many fears and chants about data and 3rd party data use in the market, data partnerships and thus data sales revenues have developed very well even after the introduction of the GDPR.

  • The Christmas business 2019 as well as a generally very strong fourth quarter have provided The ADEX Data Marketplace with a growth of more than 50% compared to the previous year – and thus the strongest month ever. In particular the DSPs Active Agent, Google and The Trade Desk record the highest sales and the best development worldwide.
  • It can be clearly seen that data marketplaces are not only stable, but that the demand for good quality data continues to grow strongly. In order to meet this demand, they not only have the central task of bundling data providers, but also of enabling them to operate with the greatest possible reach in a data protection-compliant manner.
  • The new challenges promote closer collaboration with DPSs, increasing the link between supply and demand so that agencies and advertisers find exactly the audiences they need for their campaigns.

All in all, this means that the GDPR is not the end of data partnerships and 3rd party data sales, but has helped to open up new market potentials in a secure, transparent and data protection compliant manner.

With the new cookieless technologies and the CookielessID of The ADEX, even the media heralded end of 3rd party cookies will not be the end of the use of own or other data and the demand for the use of a DMP will continue to increase.