Verification with a Holistic Approach



Trust but Verify

The ADEX Verification is our solution for protecting your digital ad spent in terms of viewability of your ad delivery, reach within the targeted audience and protecting your brand from ad misplacements.


The basis for our evaluations is the so-called “audit”. The tool is a must-have for fraud detection and other standard ad verification services defined by the IAB. The feature reports content environments, the locations of users at regional and international level and dubious, non-human impressions.


Fraud prevention and individual brand safety settings can be conducted by the „blocking“ feature which is can be used for „pre bid blocking“ and „post bid blocking“. In combination both methods will provide ultimate protection for your digital advertising campaigns – including responsible media purchase.


The “viewability” feature is a basic tracking and evaluation option, which will give you deep insights about the viewability of your digital advertising campaigns in real time. We track more than 30 thresholds for each ad placement to give you the most holistic report based on your individual approach to campaigning.

Audience Verification

Another feature of our solution is the verification of the targeted audience in terms of demographics, sociographics or other characteristics of the addressed users and the quantitative and qualitative information about type, frequency and extent of possible deviations that might have occurred.